No act - The Rua keeps it real on stage, in the studio

British siblings Roseanna (guitar, lead vocals), Alanna (piano, vocals), and Jonathan (violin, vocals) Brown capture the spirit of “effervescent, passionate, and imaginative glory” in the trio’s “soaring, larger-than-life” debut album, Essence. Known collectively as The Rua, the England-based outfit of Irish descent unveils a first-time effort on FOD Records that’s described in a Facebook bio as “the sound of three very sophisticated siblings on the cusp of adulthood, discovering themselves and their unique potential at a defining moment in their lives.” The 11 original tracks on Essence were produced by Bob Rose (The Beach Boys, George Harrison).

The U.K.’s Classic Pop magazine describes The Rua as “the missing link between Haim and Fleetwood Mac,” noting the trio’s songs are a blend of “timeless elements of 70's [sic] AM rock, traditional folk, and cinematic pop, richly orchestrated and elegantly arranged.” The group claims to draw inspiration everywhere from Wagner, Debussy, and Fauré to Taylor Swift, The Corrs, and The Cranberries. Fantasy and sci-fi film soundtracks (especially John Williams) are also fodder for song ideas.

The brother and two sisters also share a connection to movies as actors. All three have appeared in the Harry Potter movies and the film “Stormbreaker,” while Roseanna, 22, had roles in “Snow White and the Huntsman” and “Thor.” Jonathan, 19, was cast in “Dark Shadows,” while Alanna, 24, got a part in “Closer.” The Browns agree their acting experience has prepped them for performing live in the band, but they’re quick to point out the difference between playing a movie character versus being themselves in the studio and on stage as The Rua. “In the band, it’s just us and who we are,” says Roseanna. “[There’s] no acting involved.”

Despite a collaborative songwriting process, independence is a major theme in The Rua's songs. Album opener and lead single, ‘Fight For What's Right,’ which is currently No. 37 on the Mediabase Adult Contemporary airplay chart, is labeled an “epic ode to standing up for what you believe in.” Other tracks such as ‘I'm Okay’ and ‘Without You’ touch on trusting in your own self-reliance. Roseanna explains the latter song is about knowing that that you're fine on your own. “There are people at some point that you think are the most important people in your life, but you learn that you don't need other people to make you who you are,” she says.

‘Into The Crowd’ showcases Roseanna and Jonathan's tight vocal interplay as they trade off lead and harmony roles—an effortless union that comes with growing up together and understanding each other. “We aren’t just a band, we’re family,” affirms Roseanna. “We know each other and our strengths, and we use them to the best of our abilities.” Another featured cut off the new album is ‘Stand Out,’ a song that lives up to its title by telling the story of a selfless family friend, who despite battling cancer, always managed to see the best in everyone and inspired the Browns to follow their dreams.

Watch the official music video for ‘Fight For What's Right’ from the Essence EP by The Rua.

As A Matter of Fact…

* Britain's The Rua is a sibling act from England made up of guitarist/vocalist Roseanna Brown, pianist/vocalist Alanna Brown, and violinist/vocalist Jonathan Brown. The trio takes its name from a Hebrew word meaning “spirit” or “essence.”

* Born into a family of Irish descent, the Brown siblings grew up singing in choirs as well as studying classical music and traditional Celtic folk music. All three have also acted in the Harry Potter movies and other film roles.

* All three siblings are classically trained pianists, violinists, and singers. While each has studied music at an advanced level, Roseanna has a degree in music from Royal Holloway, and Alanna holds a Master of Science degree.

* The Rua’s orchestral, Celtic, and indie pop-rock is influenced by classical music, Fleetwood Mac, the Cranberries, Taylor Swift, and The Corrs—prompting listeners to feel a “Coldplay/Snow Patrol nerve” with exceptional choruses.

* The group gets additional help in the studio and on stage from ex-Blondie bassist, Nigel Harrison, who co-wrote the 1979 smash hit ‘One Way Or Another,’ and Portishead drummer, Clive Deamer. who’s also played with Radiohead, Roni Size, and Siouxsie Sioux.

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